caisten. 22. coloring. slash goggles are super glued. life ruined by stupid assholes

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He, in sleep, in imagination, dreams of feasts, closes his mouth on vacancy, grinds tooth on tooth, exercises his gluttony on insubstantial food, and, instead of a banquet, fruitlessly eats the empty air.  - Ovid, Metamorphosis: Ceres sends Famine to Erysichthon

marvel all ladies au fancastarden cho as kate bishop

holy crap. it’s hercules, iceman, black widow, ghost rider, and angel! but why it makes no sense!


cookin meth, a dangerous yet profitable venture for quick cash and permanent smiles, risky but walt will keep goin crime and crime again

breakin bad, bad lad, glad

a bit on ebay

Beyonce performs onstage with Jay-Z at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival to end extreme poverty by 2030 at Central Park on September 27, 2014 in New York City.


/wiggles hands ferociously/